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When we founded Opal's our goal was to become Austin's first bar dedicated to Single Malt Scotch Whisky. We opened in March 2000 with 16 Single Malts mounted on optics in our upstairs "Malt Vault". Since then our selection has grown to feature 70+ bottles from all the whisky producing regions of Scotland.

On the first Thursday of every December we host our annual "Opal’s Single Malt Whisky Festival", it benefits Meals on Wheels and More and is our favorite night of the year. If you are a fan of single malts we highly recommend attending. Join our mailing list and we will send you gentle reminders. Slainte Mhaith! (Good Health)


Opal Divine's Quaich Club

Quaich Club

Come and tour the distilleries of Scotland with Opal's! Join our Quaich Club and we will track your progress through the whisky regions of Scotland. From the grassy lowland malts through the richly sherried Speysides and on to the big briny Islay malts, learn about the spirit of Scotland at your own pace. Find a new favorite malt, surprise your palate with the intricacies of a malt you thought unapproachable. Impress your friends with your new wealth of information!

Earn Lowlander status at 16 malts, Highlander at 24. Become a Lord of the Isles at 44 and the Ultimate Keeper of the Quaich at 64. We'll track your progress on the Quaich Club board at your favorite Opal's. Whiskies consumed at any Opal's will count towards your goal of becoming a Keeper of the Quaich! It's free to join and members will get first notice of upcoming whisky tastings and events.

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Opal Divine's Scotch Bible

Everything you ever wanted to know about whisky in one place! Our comprehensive Scotch Bible explores all of the whisky producing areas of Scotland and provides descriptions of notable distilleries with detailed tasting notes.

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